Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sweet dreams are made of these

I had an amazing dream last night.

I dreamt of a wedding. MY wedding.
And the groom was Richard Dean Anderson.
I was mildly suprised but hey, I am marrying Colonel Jack O'Niell aka MacGyver (post mullet), so I am not complaining.

In my dream he was Scandanavian. And my in-laws happened to be Allan and Inge, the Danish couple from K's office.

It was a simple ceremony that was over in 3 minutes. It was held in a large conservatory glowing with lamplight. It may have been snowing outside. There was a queue of couples lining up to be married by the official.

We were the third couple to get married. I wore an cream coloured empire styled wedding dress and I had great looking hair too, if I may say so myself. The groom cut a dashing figure in a sombre black suit. In my dream I remember thinking, "Ooo, he is so handsome." I could swear he kissed the bride.

I woke up from sleep giggling like an idiot. I wonder if I can dream about Hugh Jackman next.

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