Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Yeats at midnight

The wires are smoking with news of Saddam's death sentence for his crimes against humanity. So the world will be rid of a tyranical despot.

What separates a war criminal and a war president is the ability of his spin doctors.

I would like to see George W. Bush or Tony Blair brought to court for their crimes against the people of Iraq. When genocide in Rwanda and Darfur was received little more than political verbiage. And what of Ehud Olmert?

And in a time when unity is most needed, we have insecure politicians saying things like this:

Taken from The Star,
Monday November 6, 2006

Bangsa Malaysia wrongly interpreted

JOHOR BARU: The implementation of a wrongly interpreted concept of Bangsa Malaysia (Malaysian Nation) will jeopardise the stability and Constitution of the country, Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said.

In his policy speech at the Johor Umno convention, Abdul Ghani questioned the need for the different races in the country to be ethnically diluted or mixed up (dileburkan untuk menjadi rojak) merely for a concept that was still hazy in its meaning.

“After 49 years of Independence, we should be mature enough not to try and introduce vague and unclear concepts.

“The term Bangsa Malaysia continues to be lauded by our friends under the name of unity and understanding without proper thought for its definition,” he said.

He reiterated that even if the term Bangsa Malaysia had to be used, it should be limited to the definition of the people of Malaysia with the Malays as the main race.

Abdul Ghani said that the Constitution did not encompass the concept of Bangsa Malaysia with the only definition of the different races being “Malays, Sarawak and Sabah bumiputeras as well as other races”.

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