Thursday, November 16, 2006

A fluffy baby emperor penguin

I watched Happy Feet today. It is so sweet. Watch it if you like music and dance and watching a penguin do both. It is essentially a musical so it might drive some people bonkers (Sean, I am refering to YOU).

The animation is flawless and it if wasn't for the voices, you would think it was national geographic. Yet while it has some great laugh out loud moments, it is no SHREK. So it is not fair to compare. But it still a movie with lots of heart. W was bored with it. Well, it is not really a movie made for the average male seeing that there are no explosions, car chases, military, mutants or murder. Plus the only nudity involved artic creatures.

Nevertheless I am so blown away by the animation. Not in a jaw dropping oh-my-God-it's-a-Balrog kinda awesome but the magic lies in the tiny nuances, gestures and downright spot-on kinks and quirks of human character made to look so natural that you'd swear all penguins do it.

Nevertheless it does leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling and happy tapping feet. I am going to look for the soundtrack now.

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