Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Tis November.

This blog is 11 months old. I actually never expected that my enthusiasm would last this long.

I read somewhere that when men break up, they cope by dating other women (bastards, right?) or getting drunk. Women eat chocolates and write journals.

So 7 kilos and a reasonably decent blog later, here I am looking back at the experience. I am so glad that I have this little chunk of cyberspace to call my own. I guess the reason why it has for the longest time been a little on the negative side (i.e. oh a just tad bitchy) is because it was originally created as a platform to vent. (It's cheaper and healthier than Marlboro lights anyway.) It is quite cathartic for me although now that I have opened the blog to others, I sincerely doubt you feel at peace.

I am so sorry dear reader that you have to be subjected to such skepticism, cynicism and despair (and I have not even said anything about my sex life yet).

I have come to the conclusion that one's happiness lies only in one's own hands and that by delegating that responsibility to someone else, say a boyfriend, a parent or a peer, one is just setting oneself up for major disappointment. Nobody is going to ever thank you for being a martyr in this world.

So carpe diem!

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