Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hear my blood vessels go pop

I really cannot stand two types of people

1. dumbass front line staff who possesses zero customer relations
2. asshole taxi drivers

I don't care how deprived their lives are but how can anyone be rude to a customer? I think I have kicked up enough fuss in enough restaurants to know that here, good customer service is as common as snow in Bukit Bintang.

Another breed which deserves absolutely NO sympathy is cab drivers. There is now a trend among these half wits to not give you back change, taking it like it is due to them! They will insist on you paying them to the exact 10 cents but they won't bat an eye lid when it comes to fleecing you. Once I took a cab where upon stopping the cabbie quickly reset the meter and demanded 4 bucks when it was clearly $3.40. Like Hell I was going to give him that.

And another time when the two of us took a cab in the morning and my companion only had a tenner. The ride cost about 3 bucks. The cabbie just shrugged and said "no change!" and waited, expecting us to pay him the tenner. My companion wanted to just hand over the money but yeah, over my dead body. I dug out my wallet and paid the exact fee... in coins.

Also if you are ever caught at a mall where the cabs go by the coupon system, for the love of God, let the cabbie know which route exactly you want to use. The up-front price paid does NOT include toll fees and if you don't tell him which way, you can bet your bottom dollar he will use all the tolls he can find on route.

Oh I have enough stories to want you to swear off public transport forever. I have heard of sob stories and cabbies being murdered for fee disputes and I know I sound mean but sometimes they SO deserve it.

They will moan of how difficult it is to earn a living but when asked to drive to a destination they feel out of THEIR way, they will shoo you away. If it wasn't for the fact that I have no car, I would like to blow them all to smithereens.

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