Thursday, November 10, 2005

Top of the Pops

Not too long ago I got an invite to Retro Retro night at a leading club. A cd came with it and as I could not go that time, I chucked the invite and kept the CD.

Finally listened to it and whoa momma! I thought I remembered a lot of the songs of the glorious 80s but obviously I was wrong. In fact I don't know quite a big number of the tunes.

And all this time I laid claim to the 80s as MY time yet yesterday I had a brilliant conversation with a 36 year old who claims it for his own too.

So that got me thinking. In 1985 I was, lets see.. 8 years old! Gosh, I can't be that young! I remember so many TV shows of that era. So if I didn't belong to the 80s that would mean that I am actually a 90s girl. That's not bad at all in a kinda bombastic, romatic way.

Who is a 90s icon now? Let's examine 90s pop culture shall we? In no particular order

The Simpsons
The Wonderbra
Trainspotting (yeay!)
Hanging Tough (NKOTB)
Bungee jumping
Sinead O' Conner
Hammer Time
Sonic the Hedgehodge
Quentin Tarantino
Vannila Ice
Fight Club
Ali G
Robbie Willams (sigh)
Austin Powers
Spice Girls

Shucks, I do have loads of good memories. On the BBC website listen to medlies of the 90s. Find them at

Damn nostalgic. Man, I miss the clubs. There is this great club called Bobby Brown's at Broad Street Birmingham. Fridays were best as it was stricly over-25s only, hence no drunk students crowds.

I don't know how our lot usually got in as we were no where near 25 at the time, but I count not resist the R&B.

It was there that I developed a taste for strong tequila.
(And it was there also that I got picked up by a gorgeous man who owned a garden centre at Longbridge. A 6-footer with blue eyes, high cheek bones and broad shoulders. He was just SO freaking hot. Nothing happened as I left for home soon after. Sheesh. So fucked up, right?)

Time to take a cold shower now.

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