Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Weekend trip

Day after tomorrow I start work. Phooey.
In anticipation I have been brushing up on land law. I had as much fun as a turkey on Thanksgiving. So I won't bore you with details.

I had a lovely weekend where K and I traveled to his hometown of Malacca for him to renew his ID. The registration department there was practically empty and everything was done in less time than it takes to buy a latte. Nice.

Of course the main reason I tagged along was to have lunch and officially meet his family. Was I nervous? I bring your attention to the turkey on Thankgiving analogy again.

Before checking into the hotel we nipped into a ancient looking coffeeshop. Quite full of character. And as we were leaving the shop who did we bump into but K's aunty and grandma!

Dust encrusted, sweat layered and smelling charmingly of diesal courtesy of our bus, and compounded by my charismatic 10-word mumbled greeting - I am positive I created an impression. I just can't tell you what.

And after that close encounter, we bumped into them again while we were walking to our hotel. K's aunt has an uncanny ability to recognise the back of our heads. We waved as they drove past.

So we settled in our room at Hotel Puri - one of the better boutique hotels in Malacca. Very comfortable. So after much face scrubing and mouth muscles aching from too much smiling practice, no point delaying the inevitable, off I went with K.

And guess who we met? (again) We bumped into the same aunty and grandma on the same road. We were beginning to suspect conspiracy or at least very bad spying.

Eventually we caught a cab to K's place, almost certain we would bump into the dynamic duo again somewhere along the way.

Lunch was lovely. Again I am not sure who felt more embarrased and awkward. I did not get an opportunity to speak to his dad although I had a chance of exchanging small talk with his mom. And I did get a rousing welcome by the resident mosquitoes. Covered in bumpy kisses I was. And oh, the aunty did phoned his mom telling her that they have seen me. I wonder if they mentioned FOR THREE TIMES.

We didn't stay long at all. Less time given to me to screw up the better. I bet I will have more opportunities to meet them again in the future. I am still analyzing the trip to death. You know, things like whether should have I washed my plate like a good potential daughter-in-law should, or should I have not gone at the food like a pig. You know, life and death stuff.

It was a pleasant break. Only gripe was how unreasonable cab fees are in Malacca. It is daylight robbery.

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