Thursday, December 01, 2005

And the race begins

Oh first day at work.
Ironing my shirt in the early morning felt like shit.
Going to work felt like shit.

Generally people in the industry are one unfriendly lot. But I am glad I went back to the firm I once worked. Not so apprehensive and people there already have a reasonably good opinion of me. God I hope.

I finally found out (Nobody would tell me before) that the firm is one that deals in mostly civil matters i.e. banking, bankruptcy, land and on the rare occasion, probate and family law.
In other words, everything I wanted to learn. With one catch. My master (yes, they are officially called that, big lawyer - MASTER, small kuchi rat - PUPIL) where was I.. yes, my master wants me to do litigation while I wanted the safe protection conveyancing provides.

Well, it is all within one's learning curve. ( I have been trying for weeks to psych myself up). Most of the lawyers who come back from court look terribly dishevelled. That would be me soon.

Today, I spent the good part of the morning looking through the correspondences. I need to work both in Malay and in English - I am so screwed. The terminology does scare me. The subject matter and procedural matters - elements that I gleefully forgotten are coming back to haunt me. Boo.

So today, I spent the day getting loss at masjid jamek looking for the bar council to purchase my petition forms. And looks like I need to get my birth cert certified as part of the documents I need to file. And it is all at my hometown. And mom is already on her way to genting for a holiday. Phooey. Looks like I would need to make a trip back next week. At least I will get to be fed well.

And to think before this I had all the time in the world.

I wonder how Jo survived her first day?

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