Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday morning

An ideal Sunday morning involves waking up to a beautiful day, early enough so it is cool still but late enough that sunshine has taken to pouring through the windows, casting bright watery reflections as it shines through the recycled jam jars half filled with happy yellow flowers.

And nothing quite comes close to filling the kitchen with smells of fresh coffee. In between waking up the dog and picking up the newspaper from the porch.

No I am not influenced by the Nescafe ads but I am stirred by a longing for my own place. Where I can have the space and freedom to enjoy simple pleasures such as keeping a pet and filling a kitchen with the aroma of said coffee.

For 3 years I have been living in a tiny rented room and it is so easy to get tired of the campyness and crampiness it. I can't even invite my brother in my room without informing my landlord and I can't even keep sandwich hams in my fridge as the landlord forbids me having any meat in the fridge while he can stuff a giraffe in there if he wants to. Of course it is unfair but when I moved in I desperately needed a convenient place to live and hence I tolerated it.

Hopefully I will be able to move out to a better place by the end of next year. PLease please please. I better start planning my future window curtains.

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Karim said...

Sundays are always good in the morning and suck by the time night creeps in.

Nice blog. Cheers