Thursday, December 15, 2005

Update, maestro

Good God I am so tired.
It is such a treat to be able to blog. With the many changes in my daily routine, I keep telling myself I need to get this all down before I forget but by the time I get home, all I want to do is crawl into bed.

Anyway, I filed my papers into the High Court just a few days ago so I am officially a Pupil now. I was not able to file my papers before as I had to retrive my birth cert from home which feels like about 900 miles away.

As a pupil I am only allowed to represent my firm in very limited instances and exclusively in chambers as oppose to open court. After three months, or after what is referred to as Short Call, I will be able to appear before a Magistrate in a court. Maybe I should explain, In Chambers just means the judge's office. Open court is the courtroom proper - where everybody can witness you kena properly from the judge.

Baptism of fire, with the complimetary brimstone.

So far I have been attending court with my master constantly. I have sat in open court with her to see her conduct hearings and next week I will be witnessing a full trial. My master's grasp of procedure is amazing.

I must say that my experience in court has been quite different than what I had imagined. Most lawyers are very courteous (of course this may be due to the seniority of my master and opposing counsels) and even the courts are not as daunting as I thought they would be. I am actually looking forward to go to court. ( Mark this as I bet this will be my famous last words)

And I have stopped wearing make up to work. Oddly, the more made-up and ego a chambering student is, are the more likely the officials will ignore her. Looking at all the stressed out , worst for wear litigation lawyers, I know that my livid look allows me to fit right in.

My black and white attire has also attracted attention. I.e "Can you tell me where the children's department is?"
I am just waiting for someone to mistaken me for a waitress.

I am also quite surprise as how fast my Malay has improved within these two weeks. And how fast my appetite has shrunk. But waist line still the same, damn it.

It is all so very different from my days at the tin factory. But one thing remains tho, I can't wait for the weekend.

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