Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Significant nothings

It is always the smallest things, inconsequential everyday things that have the uncanny capability to stretch my heart to bursting point.

In the book Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto, the protagonist was out shopping and finding a perfect red tomato, was so overcome with love.

The passage struck me not because it was weird but because I can totally relate (which may perhaps be even more unnerving). Although for the record I am not into green produce typically.

But my point is that sometimes it is the smallest things that have the largest impact.

For instance, K who in despite of all his admirable qualities, has me tingling with absolute facination with his ability to touch type at the speed of light.

Second example, I used to be so enthralled by a young man due to his superb driving skills. I remember sitting in his car just GLOWING.

Then there is Jessica whom I adore to bits because she use to have a bright window with yellow daffodils on the sill and checkered blue curtains.

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