Thursday, December 01, 2005

Fruits in the mirror

Working at a mall involves looking at reflections of myself against the shop windows and gheez, I look like a watermelon standing on its head i.e. small ends and large middle section. How did I let myself go.. sob sob sob.
And most asian girls are all skinny.
Whuahahahaaha (loud soppy cry as oppose to similarly spelt evil scientist laugh)

Self pity self pity self pity self pity.
I need a chocolate bar.


Dilvin said...

u like kokolat eh? No wonder i got Famous Amos as my farewell gift! U must hv bought some for u too. But it's okay lar. Be happy with yourself and if that is not enough, then do sometime to make yourself happier. Another fren of ours has left the World Biggest ... factory. Look forward. look forward!

Monster said...

I finally figured out who you are liao! I was asking everyone I know.

Hey, I don't just give everybody cookies you know. Psst, the chocolate macademia cookies are the best. Most delicious when still warm.

Now that indeed will make me happy.