Thursday, December 29, 2005

I Remember Now Why I don't Like Women's Magazines

I found this little thing in an article in January's issue of Cleo, one of Malaysia's lifestyle and beauty magazine for young women.

Written by a bloke named Adrian Christopher, he deciphers some favourite acronyms (I never knew they existed to begin with) guys give girls, there is one what totally cheesed me off:

WTS (Way Too Smart)
WTSes are not your cup of tea. These women are sharp, cunning creatures and usually do well in their careers. Why we (men) don't like them is because we cannot outwit them or out-manoeuvre them if ever we fall into disagreement. We leave WTSes to the wiser and older among us men because they are the only ones with the brains to keep the relationship equal.

How to lose the label (if you are a WTS) :
Forget about having the last say. try to stop intimidating men with your wit and remain more humble. Else, the only man who will ever date you will be twice your age.

Oh where do I begin?
The author is irresponsible to advocate that smart women stop "intimidating men" and play dumb. The advice dished out also severely insults young men by suggesting that they are incapable of appreciating a woman of intelligence.

What pains me is that it is CLEO, a leading women's magazine that is featuring this crap. If the media who claims to be a voice for women isn't going to stand up for us, encourage us to believe that we are worthy to be loved for who we are and foster healthy gender relations, guess we continue walking around as living stereotypes.

I don't care if the article is syndicated, the editorial team should have given more thought to their stuff as what they print is being read by so many impressionable teens.

I am going to write to the magazine.


Perineum Speaks said...

You go, gurl!

But please, do not get too agitated over such articles. You know how vexing it can be when such 'irresponsible' stuffs are written, what more you should sorta let it pass when they come from magazines like these. There was an article from a female magazine I remembered - "How to train your man like the dog that he is". I, even as a full-blooded male, detest mags like FHM which blatantly denigrate women (though I of course, as the said full-blooded male, appreciate fully God's work in His design of the female form). And sometimes, when you think about it, the women help feed the depictions of themselves as sex objects, not pandering to the benefits of men they'd say, but more for themselves in the name of self expression or whatever 'modern' declarations of liberty.

But life's tribulations and blessings manifests itself in so many manner of forms. Being more into the nightlife of Jakarta now, I have learn better in understanding that being judgemental or too opinioted is a serious flaw to have. Hence, here's a tribute to some of the women I have come to know of, the ladies of the night, kupu-kupu malam :- a song written by a grand lady, Titiek Puspa, recently covered by one of Indonesia's hottest bands, Peter Pan.

Kupu Kupu Malam

ada yang benci dirinya
ada yang butuh dirinya
ada yang berlutut mencintainya
ada pula yang kejam menyiksa dirinya

Ini hidup wanita si kupu kupu malam
bekerja bertarung seluruh jiwa raga
bibir senyum kata halus merayu memanja
kepada setiap mereka yang datang

dosakah yang dia kerjakan
sucikah mereka yang datang
kadang dia tersenyum dalam tangis
kadang dia menangis di dalam senyuman

oo apa yang terjadi terjadilah
yang dia tahu tuhan menyayang umatnya
oo apa yang terjadi terjadilah
yang dia tahu hanyalah menyambung nyawa

Monster said...

Lovely of you to drop by. Glad to see that you are not cooped up at home with nothing but books. Glad to know that you are still alive as well.

I agree that it is a self perpetuating cycle.

I hate questions like these as I often find myself at cross roads. Do I accept this reality whatever guise it presents itself (even if it affronts my better judgement) or do I protest and maintain that there is a right and a wrong? The latter is naturally the harder road to follow but I cannot bring myself to just accept things as they are, call me stubborn. Drawing lines sometimes helps mantain sanity in our upside down world and provides dignity to an existance.

I have not heard the Kupu-kupu malam phrase in a long while indeed.