Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming!

On the Seventh day to Christmas my true love said to me:

"Let's go to One Utama"

To which I chirpily replied, "Are you out of your mind?"
The Malls are packed, the shoppers are mad, the taxi queue stretches to the next county, why on God's good earth would I want to go to a mall? Christmas is coming.

The Urbanites are obsessed with shopping malls. Sure there are fantastic pantomimes, charlatan Santas who scare the bejeebers out of kids, styrafoam snow and scrawny plastic trees (well, this is not a country where pine trees flourish unless you want to hang your thisle and ornaments on a pokok rhu.) and the fact that amazing movies are now showing at a mall near you, but it is one stressful adventure and it starts right at the parking lot. Well it is conceptually a parking lot coz logically it means that it is a place where you can get to park your car but seriously, unless you can get your tires to glue themselves on the ceiling, you chances of getting a spot would be miniscule at best.

So I am not going to a shopping mall this weekend. Besides, book vouchers make sexy gift too, no?

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