Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Great read!

I have just completed Jonathan Stroud's third instalment of the Bartemaeus series. It is set in an alternate reality where the ruling class consist of magicians who summon demons to assist them in their official and everyday undertakings. This trilogy follows the life and adventures of a proud and ambitious young magician whose lust for fame and power acquaints him with the djinni Bartemaeus who is scathing, sarcastic and so full of wicked humour that I instantly took a fancy to him on first reading.

Ptolemy's Gate is the brilliant conclusion. Brilliant story telling and great humour. So enthralled I am by Bartemaeus that I regard myself as one of the earliest in the country to have read this last instalment. Well, kiasu as I am, I booked, paid and read the book on the very day the shipment arrived at Kinokuniya. All the other bookstores have not got theirs in yet. I know. I called all the major bookstore chains.

So it was Potter on Monday and Djinni on Tuesday, so do forgive me if I am dreaming of having an Ollivander wand, a spotted owl and a best friend who is a 5000-year old demon who wouldn't shut up.

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