Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Clarion Call of No Confidence

Interesting news indeed.

But I am a little confused. Is SAPP going to support a vote of no confidence or tabling it in parliament? I would have thought Anwar, through his vassals of course, would relish the opportunity to be the one to table for a vote of no confidence.

Does this piece of new have serious repercussions? You betcha.

For the uninitiated, we follow the Westminster system which is modeled after the parliamentary system of our ex-colonial masters and is favoured by most of the Commonwealth.

Generally a vote of no confidence in the leadership is called by the Opposition to weaken or defeat the ruling government. The government usually responds by calling a vote of confidence and MPs will then decide. If the majority of our lawmakers says no, we do not have confidence in the government, the PM will have to resign or the Agong will be asked to dissolve parliament for a fresh call for elections.

Nevertheless Barisan still holds a majority in parliament. Votes of no confidence will fall short if Barisan close ranks and all rally behind Pak Lah.

However with the tabling of a no confidence vote by a member of his own coalition, a first in Malaysian history by the way, this is evidence enough that Pak Lah is not able to count on the support of his own MPs. With voices in UMNO calling for his resignation and Gerakan (now roaming in political wilderness) blaming UMNO for its stunning defeat, the National Front may just be that – a front.

Interesting days ahead.

Just don’t buy stocks.

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