Friday, June 13, 2008

Yang Arif?

The Malaysian judiciary is in the spotlight again. Well and Good. The Malaysian Bar website has the lot. Shocking to the nation as the allegations are, most lawyers will tell you that its just a day in the life of an officer of the court. Zaid Ibrahim's comment that "I can't say that I am surprised (with the latest allegation) as there have been such stories in the past." is actually accurate.

After the VK Lingam issue, calls for commissions of enquiry have become standard operating procedure. Failing which a Royal Commission will be the next recourse. The government has rejected calls for this claiming that reforms will be conducted, hence investigations are not necessary. But are reforms now too little, too late.

Between executive interference, professional misconduct, cowardice and apathy, its a no brainer that little confidence is left in the judiciary.

I still remember Dr Bryn Perrins' words during our first week of law school. "Banish all thoughts of justice when it comes to the practice of the law." And here is proof.

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