Sunday, June 22, 2008

Public service announcement

It is so typical of us to take things in life for granted.
We don't give them the love and respect that they deserve.

Like your esophagus for instance.
How many of you truly appreciate its function? Do you even give it any thought? When did you last say "I love you, esophagus?"

I sure wish I appreciated my gastro track a little more. I have been experiencing difficulty in swallowing since Thursday and boy, does it HURT! Nothing gets through without my wincing in pain and sometimes, just for kicks, its spasms and I look like I just swallowed a can of wasabi.

I am going for an endoscopy tomorrow and a have a tube with a tiny camera at the tip inserted down my throat to find out what the heck is wrong with me. Uhuh, can't wait.

So people, appreciate your esophagus. It will love you back.

1 comment:

yo bwada said...

...i say 'i love you hair' everyday now, but i think they're holding a grudge for me trying to discipline them into shape with wax/gel/mousse/Tancho for the last 15 years. They refuse to come out and play anymore. Kinda feels like they're attempting to opt fr the whole 2/3 majority thingy.

fuckedy duckedy fuck fuck! do you do it?