Wednesday, June 18, 2008


A few random thoughts.

The call to remove Pak Lah is loud and clear.

But certainly that is not the be all and end all of our political problems. Its given that the results of March 8 was based on the Asal Bukan Umno sentiments of the rakyat.

So you do not have confidence in Pak Lah.
Do you have confidence in the alternative?

Will kicking him out on the Asal Bukan Pak Lah fervor mean that corruption will lessen, prices of gas will drop, Malaysia will remain a secular nation, native rights abolished and we will finally produce worthy education system that does not yo-yo every few years?

If you think Umno Youth is bad, try Pas Youth. Until the Sultan of Selangor had to step in to shut them up. And DAP, their fuss over a songkok
for their swearing in at the Selangor State Assembly among others, betrays their "you must change but I ought not' non-compromising reactivity. And many would not let Anwar forget that he was an Umno leader before that swore to their name and cause.

Calling a cangkul, a cangkul - Pakatan IS a marriage of convenience. The only glue that holds them together is their determination in destroying BN. While they make a great opposition, will they be able to put aside their differences, hardline ideology and racial sentiments to be true statesmen. The public bickering that goes on within Pakatan is pretty embarassing. Do they consider themselves a coalition in the true sense of the word because they certainly need to mature very quickly if they intend to seize power

One strong argument for change, whatever it is, is nothing can be as bad as things are now.
My question is, can't it? I don't have the answer.

Open ended questions to ponder on the way to work. (ok, so I have a long commute)

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