Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Keropok Lekor Part 2

Honestly people, I am not sure how many parts this will have. See previous entry on keropok lekor for the full extent of my fascination.

I am on a quest for the best lekor in KL. Don't ask me to go to Terengganu ok. That is not an option at present.

I must agree with the disgruntled
lekor enthusiast who wrote that piece to the papers lamenting the rubbish that is being passed off as lekor here.

There is this stall near my house that claims to sell lekor. But it is so pale that one tends to wonder if the only fish that went into it was an ikan bilis.

The authentic fare is brownish grey but the ones sold looked (and tasted) more like vegetable crackers. I was deflated. E
ven at RM1 for 5 pieces, its no bargain.

Nevermind. When I went to Pertama Complex, there was one stall that specializes in deep fried bananas, tapioca and yes, the keropok lekor losong. All things dripping in oil and oh so unhealthy. Yum.

All I can say is that it smelt like keropok lekor. It even looked like keropok lekor. But it tasted like char kui perisa ikan ( fish flavoured eu char koay in other words.) It was so hollow inside.

It did not have that satisfying chewy goodness that defines a losong.
Hence the quest continues.

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