Saturday, June 07, 2008

Why so Serious?

As more superheroes develop an affinity for PR agents and the bright lights of Hollywood, the best of DC and Marvel now come before us.

And all for a very affordable price of RM10 per cinema ticket.

We had Spiderman 3 last year, together with Ghost Rider and Fantastic Four. Iron man started off this year.

But what I am waiting with oh so bated breath is, of course, Batman. Scratch that. I am waiting to see Joker. Heath Ledger's Joker.

He looks awfully devious. Awfully deranged. Awfully good.

Yup, my kinda guy. You can keep Christian Bale and the debonair Bruce Wayne. Gimme the guy with bad lipstick. Its a pity about Heath Ledger. I admire his versatility and talent. The movies isn't even out and already his Joker has outshined the hero.

The trailers are simply awesome. Watch it here

And it will also be available in IMAX. WooHoo


Roy said...

Are you sure its not my obsession that rubbed off on you? :P

Mlle Monster said...

Its YOU! Your fault of sharing with me the first trailer!! Now I am sunk. Hook line and sinker.